Trading Places - 12ø Collective A/W Curation Residency

As part of 12ø Collective's A/W 2015 Residency artist Joshua Parker will be working collaboratively on the curatorial project under the title Trading Places. The project will act as part of a research topic exploring possibilities of how emerging art practices could survive continuous austerity measures while maintaining critical reflection of the contemporary. 

Trading Places

Austerity measurements are now firmly in place, resulting to major changes and stricter funding cuts within the arts. Artists, Curators, and Universities among others, are having to support their eligibility for funding or base success on statistics such as audience reach, professional practice, and transferable skills to meet funding eligibility targets. Criteria like these do have value, yet when the total value is based these results it becomes limiting and restricting for lesser known artists or projects that are currently still building their audiences, to succeed.

As ‘emerging artists’, it is important to look at what is happening within in our immediate environment, exploring notions of how it could be possible to continue an engaging art practice without bearing to repetitive art forms or relying on decreasing Government Funding.

As a reaction Trading Places will work as a projection of an impending landscape, when art follows business models, corporate strategies or corporate aesthetics to sustain and fund art practices, as this could soon to become the only feasible way in an austerity lead environment.

Trading Places is a 6 month Curatorial Residency run by selected artist Joshua Parker, hosted and supported by 12ø Collective, as part of the A/W 15 Curation Residency.

Trading Places will feature 3 exhibitions over the 6-mouth residency; each exhibition focusing on different aspects of research within the program focusing the dialogs that selected art works may produce.

Trading Places is Now Open For Submissions to explore themes of business models, corporate strategies, corporate aesthetics or any cross over between art and business. If your practice covers any of these themes or works as a reaction to them please submit.


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Strategies to negotiating stressrelief and escaping the work place. 

Trading Places 2.0

This exhibition focuses on a range of possible aesthetic strategies that emerging artists are using within their practice to negotiated production within their practices through continuous austerity measures while maintaining critical reflection of the contemporary.

Thisexhibition shows a selection of how seven artists: Aspiration Suits, SophieChapman, Rosa Nussbaum, Chris Dendulk, Jammie Nicholas and Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby. Many of the works are business inspired pieces whereartistic practices have taken on models from professional practice to influence and develop there there own outcomes, such as photocopying, artistic merchandise, commercial branding and aesthetics as well as leadership skills.

Traditionalart focused on the expression of gestures shown to convey feeling and depthwithin the artist, within this exhibition, feeling has been taken away,replaced with transferable skills, budgets and business thinking minds. Whowants to be a ‘poor struggling artist’ when you can be a high-flying creativeentrepreneur?

Trading Places 1.0

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